• Illustrious - Flawless skin whitening
    Flawless skin whitening
  • Comodex - Blemisch clearing and prevention treatment
    Blemisch clearing and prevention treatment

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Acne is a skin disease that can be aggravated by incorrect treatment.

Acne and impure skin - what really helps

Acne and impure skin are unpleasant and can take a dramatic course if not treated properly. Proper treatment and care are a MUST.

so diseases like couperose don't stand a chance.

Back to nature - the solution for skin detoxification.

A perfect skin balance prevents many unwanted appearances. Once the balance is out of control, the skin reacts immediately. Give your skin security and learn how to create a healthy complexion with natural active ingredients.

For youthful and radiant skin.

Beautiful skin in age - our anti-aging products

Don't panic about skin aging, because even in age you can create a youthful appearance. Smoothed wrinkles and stimulated collagen production help the skin to become youthful. Christina's anti-aging products say "No" to skin aging.

Incorrect nutrition, environmental influences or psychological stress have a negative effect on the body and lead to stressed skin.

Stress-free with our anti-stress products

Sensitive, stressed skin, allergies and itching? There are many symptoms of skin becoming noticeable. There are countless reasons for this appearance, from psychological stress, wrong nutrition to environmental pollution. Take action against skin irritations.

Adolescents and tightened skin is no longer impossible for mature women. Wrinkles are immediately padded and the skin tightened. Christina Kosmetik's skin care range has a similar effect to Botox and thus tightens the skin with an immediate effect.

Silky smooth skin - lifting effect with immediate effect

Skin like silk and that in the truest sense of the word. We use for the skin what constitutes the texture of silk. A care series that creates the skin like silk and helps to achieve an immediate result through immediate lifting.

Your skin will thank you with a radiance when pampered. Relaxing and soothing care has a positive effect on your skin.

Wellness, Spa and Anti Aging - pure indulgence!

Pure nature and sensual indulgence! we have discovered the positive and effective properties of natural substances. Create your own personal spa with natural ingredients that also have a special anti-aging effect on your skin.

Peeling properties are based on a completely natural basis and cleanse intensively

Gentle but intensive cleaning with our natural peelings

Say no to microplastics and other environmentally harmful substances. Christina's natural home exfoliators are not only 100% based on natural ingredients, they also clean conscientiously and can do a lot more!

The skin is lightened and appears evenly

The Skin Whitening Solution for Hyperpigmentation

Pigmented spots, freckles, acne scars, redness? - all phenomena that affect the aesthetics of the skin. But we know all about it - cosmetic skin whitening and the products that go with it create a flawless and even skin by whitening the unwanted areas.

Wrinkles and dark circles give a tired look.

The right care for the sensitive eye area

Our eye area is equipped with a delicate and sensitive skin and must therefore receive special attention. Too little care is shown by wrinkles and a tired look. This can be prevented with the right cosmetics - let your eyes shine!