youthful smoothness

Rejuvenating Vineyard Eye Сreаm

This gentle, rich cream uncovers a rejuvenated brighter looking eye area, helps skin restore its youthful smoothness

reduces dark circles

Restoring Eye Cream

Diminishes the appearance of visible aging signs around the eye contour.

optimal hydration

Moist & Illuminate Eye Treatment

Consolidates the contour of the eyes. Lifts the upper eyelid and diminishes crow’s feet wrinkles. Strengthens dermal structure by boosting collagen synthesis.


Enlightening Eye and Neck Cream

rotects the delicate skin around the eyes, reducing the visibility of puffiness and dark circles. Reinforces elasticity and microcapillarity. Restores skin glow and healthy appearance.

biomechanical properties, dermostatyl - DM

Smooth Eyes Mask

The innovative Smooth Eye Mask is enriched with biomimetic peptides - fibronectin biomimetic peptide for enhanced cell adhesion and repair;

natural rejuvenating E.T.F

Eye Zone Treatment

This advanced, deep penetrating serum reverses and prevents the signs of ageing eye contour by reducing fine lines, dark circles and puffiness while minimizing fatigue symptoms.


Eye & Neck Concentrate

Intense treatment for the protection of eye and neck areas. Improves circulation, reduces inflammation and dark spots significantly. Neutralizes free radicals activity and blurs wrinkles and fine lines.

moisturizes skin

Eyes & Neck Lifting Serum

Tightens and moisturizes skin for an immediately visible anti-wrinkle effect.

epidermal thymic factor (ETF)

Eye Rescue

Advanced scientific ingredients, soy proteins and natural moisturizers work synergistically to reduce swelling around the eyes, soothe and smooth away puffiness, provide deep hydration and increase elasticity

puffiness around the delicate eye area

Silk SOS Eye Serum

A silky rich serum for the instant and effective treatment of wrinkles and puffiness around the delicate eye area.

reduce fine lines

Retinol Eye Cream + Vitamins A, E & C

A Retinol based eye cream fortified with vitamins A, E & C

revitalizes the sensitive eye contour areas

Day Eye Cream SPF-8

Protects and revitalizes the sensitive eye contour areas

Nourishing Complex

Harmonizing Eye & Neck Night Cream

Repairing cream boosts collagen and elastin formation. Promotes cell regeneration. Essential fatty acids supply hydration and nourishment, improving elasticity.

epidermal thymic factor

Rejuvenating Day Eye Cream

Enriched with shea butter, high SPF and state-of-the-art age- fighters, the cream revitalizes the eye contour with its quick- absorbing, noncomedogenic properties.

fibronectin biomimetic peptide

Active Night Eye Cream

Revitalize the eye contour overnight with this advanced anti-ageing formula featuring vitamin A and phytosterol-rich avocado oil to calm the skin and reduce irritation.

Maximizes the enhanced rejuvenating

Night Eye Cream

Maximizes the enhanced rejuvenating environment of resting skin to revitalize the sensitive eye area around the eyes.

remove dark circles under the eyes

EyeC Eye Cream SPF-15

Infuse this advanced anti-aging formula to remove dark circles, reduce puffiness and minimize expression lines.

reduces fine lines around eye contour

Silk Eyelift Cream

Tightens and Smoothes skin, reduces dark circles and fine lines around eye contour.