Comodex treatment relies on four well defined processes, each featuring effective active ingredients in advanced technological delivery systems with powerful penetration capabilities. Delivery systems incorporate, stabilize, protect, and solubilize the correctly targeted active ingredients.

  • Controling & Regulating Antimicrobial Activity
    Antimicrobial and antiseptic ingredients fight bacteria in affected pores, while simultaneously balancing oily skin
  • Moderating Sebum Secretion
    A unique combination of highly active ingredients minimizes sebum accumulation which clogs pores and leads to breakouts. Simultaneously, antioxidants decrease sebum oxidation and the subsequent release of fatty acids on which bacteria strive
  • Skin Renewal & Scar Tissue Repairing
    Keratolitic ingredients exfoliate the outer layer, releasing pore blockage and excess sebum, preventing bacteria proliferation, resulting in a healthier looking skin with a smooth, uniform texture
  • Preventing Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation (PIH)
    Breakouts may leave spots (PIH) after they become inactive. Advanced ingredients work synergistically to reduce inflammation and melanin production, lightening the skin and leaving it even toned

Step 1

Clean Clear Cleanser

Step 1: Clean&Clear Cleanser

Anti bacterial soap, removes dirt and makeup residue, leaves the skin clean and comfortable.

Step 2

Step 2: Scrub&Smooth Exfoliator

Gentle, creamy scrub exfoliates, removes impurities and oil residue from the depth of pores. The skin appears smooth, with a uniform texture.

Comodex Scrub Smooth Exfoliator

Step 3

Treat Regenerate Peel

Step 3a: Treat&Regenerate Peel

Removes dead cells, boosts cell regeneration. Strong anti-bacterial activity. Inhibits melanin production.

Comodex Peel Renew Peel Forte

Step 3b: Peel&Renew Peel Forte

Forte treatment formulated to boost skin renewal. Provides smoother texture and brighter skin appearance.

Step 4

Step 4: Stimulate&Detox Solution

Stimulating solution to boost blood circulation and improve cell metabolism. Detoxifies and increases oxygen in cells. Antiseptic properties enable effective sebum extraction.

Comodex Stimulate Detox Solution

Step 5

Comodex Bright Balance Solution

Step 5: Bright&Balance Solution

Blurs visibility of post acne spots, promoting an even toned complexion. Prevents post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. (PIH).

Step 6

Step 6: Astringe&Regulate Mask

Reduces sebum production and helps absorb excessive oiliness. Anti - bacterial, calms irritated skin and helps minimize pores.

Comodex Astringe Regulate Mask

Step 7

Comodex Mattify Protect Cream SPF 15

Step 7: Mattify&Protect Cream SPF 15

Lightweight cream enriched with moisturizers, provides prolonged protection against sun and environmental damage. Boosts natural regeneration and eliminates excessive shininess.

Step 8

Step 8: Cover&Shield Cream SPF 20

Lightweight cover cream conceals blemishes and redness, leaving the skin uniform and even toned. Protects against environmental damage, fights free radicals and speeds up healing processes.

Comodex Cover Shield Cream SPF