The innovation in lightening treatments, Fluoroxyen+C is based on scientific dermatological formulations, combining the most advanced and powerful ingredients working in synergy to rejuvenate and lighten sun damaged tt/ photo-aging and hyperpigmented skin.

protects skin moisture

IntenC Day Cream SPF-40

Protect hyper-pigmented skin from additional sun damage and minimize the visible signs of aging.

remove dark circles under the eyes

EyeC Eye Cream SPF-15

Infuse this advanced anti-aging formula to remove dark circles, reduce puffiness and minimize expression lines.

innovative lightening peptide

PotentC Ampoules

These ampoules contain a complex of lightening actives with the unique advantage of decreasing tyrosinase activity

purify hyper pigmented skin

Cleansing Milk

Cleanses hyper-pigmented skin, Removing makeup and impurities while protecting vulnerable skin from environmental and UV damage.

promoting cell regeneration

Facial Wash

Prepares skin for optimal lightening reaction to complementary Fluoroxygen+C treatment steps for a thorough cleanse and more immediate and long-lasting lightening results.

reduces melanin formation

Balancing Toner

Cleanses skin while reducing and preventing uneven skin tone.

provides excellent protection from free radicals

LipoC-20 Day Serum

Lightens the skin and stimulates collagen regeneration while breaking down free radicals and blocking melanin synthesis

fights signs of ageing and pigmentation

Alpha C Night Cream

Bleaches the skin, obtaining results similar to Retin A and Hydroquinone

lightening spots

Vita C – Clear Night Serum

This serum combines lightening ingredients and plant extracts in a unique formula that allows targeting the basal layers in which melatonin cells are stored.

boosting collagen and elastin synthesis

VitaC-Light Botanical Lightener

Inhibits melanin production while promoting synthesis of new collagen and elastin

penetrating lightening and soothing ingredients

Soothing & Lightening Mask

Reduce skin discoloration by more than 40% with this advanced, deep penetrating Soothing and Lightening Mask. Your skin will be noticeably lighter, even toned, moisturized and radiant.

lightening ingredients

Clarifying Scrub

The gentle Clarifying Scrub is enriched with Saponaria, Quillaja and salicylic acid to remove excess sebum and dead skin cells, thoroughly cleanse pores and remove makeup residue.