FluorOxygen+C VitaC-Clear Night Serum

An innovative combination of lightening agents and natural plant extracts,the Clear Night Serum lightens and brightens skin as you sleep, operating deep within the skin at the basal layer for a clear, even complexion.The balanced formula contains mild lighteners and a natural form of Hydroquinone which normalizes melanin formation.


  • Lightens dark spots
  • Evens skin complexion
  • Reduces melanin formation at deep skin layers where it is formed
  • Reduces visible signs of sun-damaged skin including dullness and wrinkles
  • Breaks down free radicals
Mild lightening agent
natural equivalent of Hydroquinone
Apply a thin, uniform layer of VitaC-Clear Night Serum nightly on cleansed dry skin. Massage until absorbed, and complete the treatment with Alpha C Night Cream.