Due to its unique powder form, this enzymatic blend retains a high concentration of Vitamin C (30%), ensuring its stability and activity for a long period of time. Blending peptide bond- breaking proteases and alpha hydroxyl atcid, this formula maximizes Vitamin C effects, increasing its ability to penetrate the skin.


  • Immediately lightens skin
  • Corrects sun-damaged skin
  • Increases skin rejuvenation and collagen synthesis
  • Breaks down free radicals
Volume 100 ml
Order number CHR360

Mix the powder and activator together (one sachet of enzyme powder with two teaspoon of liquid activator) to create a mousse. Immediately apply the mousse to the skin, taking advantage of Vitamin C’s most active state. Massage into skin for one minute and leave for an additional 4 minutes. Remove with Fluoroxygen+C pH Rebalancer. Rinse with clean water.Note: Due to high levels of Vitamin C, clients may experience itching or a heating sensation at the onset of the application. We recommend mentioning this normal reaction to clients before application.