Bio- Firming Serum boost tissue renewal and restore biochemical skin properties. The innovative 2-part formula was designed for simultaneous use to support the peeling process within the skin and ensure multiple anti-ageing benefits: a longlasting tightening effect, blurred wrinkles and strengthened skin defense mechanisms. The skin feels and looks strongly invigorated.

Volume 300 ml
Order number CHR202

Mix 1 teaspoon powder with 2 teaspoons serum and mix intensely with a brush until the mixture becomes a smooth, whipped texture. Apply the mixture using upward motions, against the skin's natural gravitation. Instruct your client not to move for 10-12 minutes, while the mask dries. This is an excellent opportunity to treat your client to a hand massage. Do not rinse before continuing to Step 6a: Radiance Moisturizing Mask.