This innovative Active Firming Algae Mask stimulates cell vitality and the renewal of firming tissues while balancing epidermal moisture. The advanced formula features Spirulina seaweed with optimal levels of powerful amino acids and proteins for fresh and supple, younger looking skin.


  • Firms and lifts
  • Infuses skin with amino acids and proteins
  • Renews firming tissues
  • Leaves skin fresh and supple
  • Regulates epidermal moisture balance
  • Stimulates cell vitality
Volume 500 ml
Order number CHR672

Recommended for use after Step 6a: Radiance Moisturizing Mask. Gradually add 90ml tepid water to 30g powder. Mix into a uniform paste. Using a spatula, apply to the face, neck and dècolletè.
Leave for 10 minutes, and peel off intact.