This lightly scented, clinical anti-aging Ultra-Nourishing Lotion vanquishes dry, aging skin with the most advanced biomimetic polypeptides available by improving cell adhesion, promoting cell growth and migration, boosting microcirculation and enhancing cellular contact. High concentrations of olive oil and olive-derived squalane nourish and hydrate. Finally, a unique combination of shea butter and cetyl esters increases skin’s elasticity and minimizes stretch marks. Препарат способствует сокращению стрий.

SKU: CHR393 Skin type: Dry skin
Volume: 200 ml Age: 20+
Category: Body , Anti-Aging


Oil of the plum seed oil, Centella Asiatic extract, Squalene, Shea butter, Tocopheryl acetate, Fructose, Glycine, Niacinamide, Retinyl palmitate, Ceramide 3
Anti-aging lotion that treats dry and aging skin