Forever Young revitalizing anti-aging treatment for face, neck, and décolleté is designed for optimal synergy between the salon and the on-going home treatment, preventing and treating the symptoms of aging skin from every angle and skin layer.

renews skin

Men Extra Action Scrub

Scrubs, repairs and renews skin. Polishes away dirt and pollutants and protects skin from aging and photo-damage, for fresh, firm and clean feeling.

chamomile and hamamelis

Men Fortifying After Shave Gel

A double action treatment for soothing and advanced anti-ageing. Purifies and cools skin while healing razor burn

lightweight moisturizing cream

Men Age-Fighting Cream

This matte-textured product uses the newest UVA and UVB filters for maximum sun protection without leaving a white film on skin. The Age-Fighter Cream reverses signs of ageing

low-oil body cream

Silky Matte Cream

Smoothes and firms skin. Reverses signs of aging by mimicking young skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) with high levels of clinical hydrators to smooth

hydrates skin

Gentle Cleansing Milk

The luxurious oil-free Gentle Cleansing Milk removes impurities and excess oil while improving skin moisture.

rich in antioxidants purify

Moisturizing Facial Wash

A botanical-based facial wash removes pollution, dirt and makeup without irritating the skin. Cleans and hydrates skin

enriched with a well balanced pH formula

Purifying Toner

The gentle antioxidant-rich, alcoholfree toner contains natural cleansers quillaja and saponaria to remove stubborn dirt, makeup residue and excess oil.

moisturizing toner lightens

Balancing Toner

Balancing Toner enriched with quillaja and saponaria and a high concentration of alpha-hydroxy acids gently removes dull surface layers and pollutants

moisturizes skin

Dual Action Makeup Remover

This gentle, non-oily Dual Action Makeup Remover enriched with sodium hyaluoronate commonly used in moisturizing eye - drops, instantly cleanses.

advanced anti-ageing serum supplement

Absolute Fix

Prevents the signs of aging and enhances the skin's appearance by mimicking the deconstructing action of Botulinum Toxin A to gradually reduce deep facial expression lines.

deep penetration into the horny layers

Moisture Fusion Cream

The super-concentrated lightweight cream provides optimal, long lasting hydration by supplying the skin with a unique moisturizing complex

providing long lasting moisture retention

Moisture Fusion Serum

This moisture infused serum is enriched with an innovative peptide concentrate that accelerates the skin’s own natural production of hyaluronic acid within the skin.

prevents skin

Hydra-Protective Winter Cream

Specially designed to protect skin against the effect of cold weather, this ultra-rich nourishing formula contains a unique molecular structure that locks in moisture

biomechanical properties, dermostatyl - DM

Smooth Eyes Mask

The innovative Smooth Eye Mask is enriched with biomimetic peptides - fibronectin biomimetic peptide for enhanced cell adhesion and repair; epidermal thymic factor for increasing keratin.

epidermal thymic factor (ETF)

Eye Rescue

Advanced scientific ingredients, soy proteins and natural moisturizers work synergistically to reduce swelling around the eyes, soothe and smooth away puffiness, provide deep hydration and increase elasticity

pentapeptide-1 for replacing keratin

Lip Zone Revitalizer

This light, non-oily cream targets around-the-mouth lines with a unique combination of scientifically proven age-fighters avocado- and shea butter-derived phytosterols for reducing wrinkles

advanced cellular-level skin rebuilders

Hydra Protective Day Cream

A “heaven in a jar” formula for skin rejuvenation and protection. Formulated to deliver long-lasting hydration without heaviness or skin clogging.

epidermal thymic factor and fibronectin biomimetic peptide

Repairing Night Cream

A non-oily Repairing Night Cream enriched with phytosterols extracted from avocado oil and shea butter to calm the skin and reduce irritation.

G.F. peptide, fibronectin biomimetic peptide

Total Renewal Serum

Instantly smoothing and hydrating, the advanced, concentrated serum penetrates into skin, correcting it at its cellular level for maximum, long-lasting cell renewal and rejuvenation.

concentrated biomimetic peptides

Radiance Moisturizing Mask

Packed with vitamins and moisturizers, this luxurious, non-oily mask stays amazingly moist overnight, saturating skin with vitamins A, E, C, K and beta-carotene for antioxidant photo-protection.

natural rejuvenating E.T.F

Eye Zone Treatment

This advanced, deep penetrating serum reverses and prevents the signs of ageing eye contour by reducing fine lines, dark circles and puffiness while minimizing fatigue symptoms.

Rejuvenating Day Eye Cream

Enriched with shea butter, high SPF and state-of-the-art age- fighters, the cream revitalizes the eye contour with its quick- absorbing, noncomedogenic properties.

fibronectin biomimetic peptide

Active Night Eye Cream

Revitalize the eye contour overnight with this advanced anti-ageing formula featuring vitamin A and phytosterol-rich avocado oil to calm the skin and reduce irritation.