Forever Young Rejuvenating Day Eye Cream SPF-15

Enriched with shea butter, high SPF and state-of-the-art age fighters, revitalize the eye contour every day with our quick-absorbing, noncomedogenic eye treatment for dramatic results. The Eye Cream is fortified with praline-derived palmitic acid and Epidermal Thymic Factor, the latest weapons in scientific skin renewal.


  • Moisturizes down to the cellular level
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Lightens dark eye contours
  • Stimulates new cell regeneration
  • Rehabilitates skin from environmental and natural aging damage
  • Creates youthful softness
  • Provides excellent base under makeup
vitamins to calm the skin
UV absorber
Cleanse skin and apply a thin, uniform layer of cream to eye contour every day. Gently pat dry.