Seeking radical results? This advanced, concentrated serum penetrates skin, reforming it at the cellular level for maximum, long-lasting action. The milky serum feels velvety, contains more than 80% pure moisturizers and penetrates deep into skin for optimal results. Age-defying active ingredients act in concert: Epidermal Thymic Factor (ETF) Acetyl Pentapeptide-1 for increasing keratin and filaggrin synthesis; G.F. Peptide for epidermal growth and rejuvenation; Fibronectin Biomimetic Peptide for enhancing cell adhesion and epidermal repair; Dermostatyl- DM for suppressing melanin discoloration; and Phytocohesine PSP for hydration and skin barrier regeneration.


  • Deeply moisturizes skin
  • Increases keratin and filaggrin synthesis
  • Improves skin immunity
  • Enhances cell adhesion and epidermal repair
  • Suppresses melanin discoloration
  • Regenerates skin barrier
Biomimetic proteins resembling the epidermal thymic factors
Vitamin A with anti-sebum
Apply to cleansed skin twice daily, in the morning under Hydra-Protective Day Cream and at night under the Repairing Night Cream or Radiance Moisturizing Mask.