Day Ampoule

A revitalizing and balancing ampoule treatment. Features a unique and advanced detox-peptide and alp rose stem cells which deliver supreme rejuvenation and hydration providing the skin with a visible younger looking texture.

Selected Actives:

  • Alp Rose Stem-Cells - protects, maintains and repairs the skin’s resistance to environmental aggressions and premature aging, improves the skin barrier function and promotes the skin’s vitality
  • Detox Peptide - prevents extrinsic skin aging and promotes cell regeneration which diminish the visible signs of skin maturation
  • Antioxidant Peptide- intense antioxidant that guards the cells, strengthens immune system, enhances cell function and reduces vulnerability to environmental or stress damage
  • Flax Extract- optimizes lipid homeostasis, assists in overall skin recovery and protection improves vivacity and elasticity

Night Ampoule

This luxurious effective treatment provides the skin with energizing essential nutrients. Using telosense-active and a rare marine algae extract reinforces the skin’s natural renewal process and restores its state of vitality. The skin will have that fresh, bright pristine complexion.

Selected Actives:

  • Telosense Active -the newest award winning tool, prevents telomere erosion, helps preserve DNA information, Contributes and improves cell longevity, immensely improves the overall skin facade resulting in a brighter smoother skin appearance
  • Alga Active - a DNA-defending antioxidant, reduces water loss and UV damage
  • Cotton Bloom Extract - a nourishing oligosaccharide designed to improve skin barrier function and reduce the appearance of irritated skin, equipped with a soothing and nourishing effect
  • Carbohydrate Complex- reduces dryness and irritation
SKU: CHR334 Skin type: Normal skin
Volume: 10 ml Age: 30+
Category: Gels and serums , Ampoules , Anti-Aging , Relaxation , Immediate effect


Day serum: glycerol, ActiRose complex, detox-peptide complex, flax seed extract, stem cell extract of the Alpine rose, lycytin, dipeptide-4, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid. Night serum: Telosense Active complex, glycerin, soy protein hydrolyzate, yeast protein hydrolyzate, invert sugar, dipeptide-4, root extract of the roots of cotton, ActiRose complex, thermophilic enzyme.
Snap ampoule open at neck using the enclosed ampoule opener as described in the illustrations on the inside of the cover. Apply to a thoroughly clean skin, on face, neck and décolleté, using circular massage motions until serum is completely absorbed. Follow up with a suitable cream. To be used once a week. Note: we recommend using the remainder of the ampoule serum on the back of your hands.