Christina’s new Muse product line focuses on complete synergy with the skin’s needs improving its basic functions. The treatments are highly effective and completely pleasant. The customer will leave the salon looking younger, fresher and radiant, wrapped in the beauty and perfection of the rose. The beautiful rose scent accompanies the customer through every step of the treatment

Step 1

Muse Milky Cleanser

Step 1: Muse Milky Cleanser

A gentle, pleasant lotion for cleansing and removing makeup. Cleans the skin of products that are both water and oil soluble. Calms and refreshes the skin, leaving it softer and smoother.

Step 2

Step 2a: Muse Light Rose Pee

This peeling treatment purifies the skin and assists in removing dead skin cells. Green tea extracts detoxify, while rose acids refresh and soften the skin, leaving it revitalized and smooth.

Muse Light Rose Pee

Step 2b: Muse Fortified Rose Peel

A powerful peeling treatment that purifies and assists in detoxifying the skin. Green tea extract, rose and glycolic acids renew and rejuvenate the skin and encourage the production of collagen, increasing skin’s elasticity.

Muse Light Rose Pee

Step 3

Muse Illuminating Gommage

Step 3: Muse Illuminating Gommage

This effective peeling cream absorbs toxins, dead and damaged skin cells. Contains parsley extract that assists in detoxifying and preventing environmental damage. The treatment is ideal for maximizing the skin’s renewal and rejuvenation treatment.

Step 4

Step 4: Muse Rose Extract Splash

A stabilizing and calming extract. Combines a sugar complex with unique flower essences such as blue daisy extract and rose petal extract. Moisturizes and refreshes the skin.

Muse Rose Extract Splash

Step 5

Muse Indulging Massage Oil

Step 5: Muse Indulging Massage Oil

The enriching, pampering and calming oil improves the skin’s metabolism and nourishes it with essential ingredients. The Massage Ozil intensifies the entire treatment experience, leaving a rich scent of the rose that will accompany the customer to the next step.

Step 6

Step 6: Muse Beauty Mask

This nourishing and calming mask contains a high concentration of capuacu butter and flax extract. The optimal, rich, full texture of the Beauty Mask is designed to restore the skin’s vibrancy and provide it with a softer, younger look.

Muse Beauty Mask

Step 7

Muse Serum Supreme

Step 7: Muse Serum Supreme

A unique, advanced formula designed to strengthen the functioning of the natural defense barrier of the skin. Protects against environmental stress damage and helps significantly in removing toxins. The serum contains unique peptides that purify the skin, increasing its metabolic rate and delaying the ageing process. The serum leaves the skin with renewed vitality that radiates youth.

Step 8

Step 8: Muse Shielding Day Cream SPF 30

This enriched and prestigious formula assists in maintaining the skin’s health and vitality. The cream creates a protective shield against UV rays and free radicals. It renews, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, tightening and leaving it with a younger, vibrant look.

Muse Shielding Day Cream SPF