An effective exfoliating cream that purifies the skin, absorbing deeper impurities and sweeping them away. The Illuminating Gommage includes parsley extract which is ideal for clarifying and detoxifying, removing dead skin cells and preventing environmental damage. Designed to optimize the effectiveness of a revitalizing treatment.

Selected Actives:

  • Parsley Extract - a potent detox that speeds collagen productions, helps regulate oil production, cleanses pores and clarifies the skin
  • Corn Flower Extract - soothing, anti-inflammatory, reducing skin redness
  • Rose Petal Extract - skin rejuvenation, anti-inflammatory, effective antioxidant
Volume 250 ml
Order number CHR330

Apply a uniform layer of Illuminating Gommage to face, under the chin area (refraining from the eye area) and if needed to the décolleté as well. Leave on for 3-4 minutes and remove using circular massaging movements leaving the skin smooth and clear. If needed use a wet cloth to remove the remains of the Illuminating Gommage.