To complement and enhance efficacy of the treatment, Christina developed a series of products recommended for home use sometimes proceeding, otherwise during and commonly following the in-salon exfoliating process. This kit development was based on worldwide clinical trials demonstrating that successful treatment is dependent on complementary pre- & post-peeling treatments.

Use of the Post-Peeling Kit will intensify, accelerate and maximize the peeling results for your clients. The products in this kit will improve in-salon results and prevent unnecessary complications.

The kit addresses three important post-treatment stages -- drying, flaking and renewal. It protects vulnerable post-peel skin from external damage while simultaneously soothing and relieving irritation.

radiant, even-toned skin

Rose de Mer Post-Peel Kit

The Rose de Mer Post-Peel Kit maximizes and extends the Rose de Mer salon peel process, delivering the best possible results for individual skin types.

Facilitates optimal post-peel recovery

Rose de Mer Clean & Gentle

Mild cleansing formula gently cleanse recently peeled skin and balances the skin’s ph level for optimal post-peel recovery.

Moderates melanin activity

Rose de Mer Dry Out

Optimizes the salon drying process with a non-occlusive formula to fortify the peeling action for smooth, even, renewed skin. Accelerates cell turnover and moderates melanin activity.

Soothes irritation following peel

Rose de Mer Calm & Hydrate

Fortifies skin with extra hydration, increases elasticity and soothes irritation following peeling.

free radical-fighting antioxidants

Rose de Mer Smooth & Repair

Repairs, refines and reenergizes skin by increasing elasticity and protecting rejuvenated cells from free radicals.

Enhances elasticity

Rose de Mer Peel & Renew

Concludes the peel process by eliminating remaining dead cells and moisturizing skin.

Opens comedones

Rose de Mer Peeling Soap

Resolves persistent skin blemishes and corrects problematic skin conditions. Cleanses, heals, lightens, brightens and renews skin.


Peeling Cover Cream

Protects skin from the sun, calms it posttreatment. The embedded cover-up camouflages redness.