The Absolutely Smooth pampering silky serum is a safe and effective alternative to leading injection treatments for fine lines and wrinkles – for daily perfection and the ultimate personal indulgence for special occasions when your client wants to look absolutely gorgeous with flawless, silky, smooth skin.


  • Fills and conceals fine facial expression lines and wrinkles*
  • Immediate, clearly visible, flawless results*
  • Also treats long-term causes of facial creases**
  • Preserves natural facial expressions**
  • Temporary and safe for frequent use – perfect for special occasions

* Instantly upon application, the polysilicone elastomer-based serum fills and conceals fine lines without any trace of product creating an immediate illusion of naturally silky smooth skin.

** Simultaneously, its cutting-edge scientific formula featuring γ-aminobutyric acid addresses the internal causes of facial creases by blocking the electric signal transmissions path between the nerve ending and facial muscles, preventing the development of facial expression lines and the formation of wrinkles.


Active Ingredients Description & Benefit
Cyclopentasiloxane Volatile (evaporating), inertic (no chemical reaction with skin
therefore appropriate for all skin types) spreading oil. Spreads gel over face,
then evaporates leaving a fine, homogenous texture
Polysilicone 11 Fills wrinkles and reflects off the skin surface creating an instant,
temporary illusion of naturally silky, smooth skin
γ-aminobutyric Acid Diminishes expression wrinkles long-term by blocking the transfer
of ions in the nerve axons to decrease formation of expression lines
Tocopheryl Acetate Natural antioxidant
Silk Worm Lipids Natural lipids for even cell growth



SKU: CHR439 Skin type: Mature skin
Volume: 30 ml Age: 30+
Category: Gels and serums , Anti-Aging , Relaxation


Polysilicon-11, aminobutyric acid, extracts of ginseng root, garden potpourri, centella Asiatica, tocopherol acetate, hydrolyzed silk
Gently pat Absolutely Smooth with dry fingertips onto cleansed face, focusing on wrinkled areas. Apply before special events over moisturizer for immediate effect, and at least twice weekly under moisturizer for long term wrinkle reduction. Following application, your skin will be Absolutely Smooth for flawlessly even makeup application.