This advanced formula featuring Silkworm lipids, new generation tightening agents and anti-oxidant rich compounds decreases naturally lost hydration and achieves a visible tightening effect with a silky smooth finish within minutes of application.


  • Immediate 34% increase in skin hydration
  • Noticeable long-term improvement in skin texture
  • Leaves skin silky smooth to touch
Active Ingredients Description & Benefit
Squalane Improves skin suppleness and moisture. Reduces skin dryness.

Cetearyl ethylhexanoate
Tocopheryl acetate Antioxidant, protects against UV-damage.
Green tea (camellia sinensis) Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory agent. Delays skin aging.
Tilia Acordata (Linden) flower extract Anti-inflammatory. Contains flavonoids which protect premature skin aging caused by free radicals.
Allantoin Skin protectant with healing properties.
Glycerin & acrylates copolymer & VP Polycarbamyl Polyglycol Ester & Hydrolyzed sesame protein PG-Propyl Methylsilanediol (Sesaflash) A new generation tightening agent, effective within minutes of application. Provides a clinically proven immediate tightening effect and visible long lasting tightening effect. Infuses hydration.
Silkworm lipids Improves skin texture. Smoothes and moisturizes. Decreases TEWL. Creates silky skin touch.
Sodium PCA, Sodium Lactate, Fructose, Glycine, Niacinamide, Urea, Unositol (Aquaderm) Based on NMF components this complex intensely moisturizes. Helps the stratum corneum to stay healthy & intact. Delivers an immediate 34% skin hydration.
Cimicifuga racemosa (Black cohosh) Hormone-like ingredient known for its rejuvenating properties. Improves skin elasticity and firmness.



SKU: CHR732 Skin type: Mature skin
Volume: 50 ml Age: 30+


Glycerin, hydrolyzed sesame protein, squalane, sodium lactate, fructose, glycine, niacinamide, urea, inositol, cyclomethicone, petroleum jelly, cosmetic, tocopherol acetate, allantoin, tsimicifugi root extract, green tea extract, citric acid, linden flower extract, hydrolyzed silk
Apply a thin uniform layer of UpLift to the entire face. Do not rinse. Avoid contact with eyes.