The final stage of the pampering salon facial, the Silky Serum immediately smoothes the appearance of fine lines so your client will leave the salon looking and feeling younger! Silky Serum promotes growth of young, healthy skin cells, increases skin hydration and regenerates blood flow.


  • Instantly smooth, flawless, younger looking skin
  • Fills wrinkles and firms skin
  • Promotes growth of young, healthy skin cells
  • Increases skin hydration and regenerates blood flow
  • Long-term wrinkle reduction
  • A perfectly smooth finish for special occasions

This polysilicone-based serum fills wrinkles and firms skin for instant results. It reflects off the skin surface creating a temporary illusion of naturally silky smooth skin. γ-aminobutyric acid simultaneously blocks the electric path sending nerve signals to facial muscles treating the cause of skin creases for long-term wrinkle reduction.


Active Ingredients Description & Benefit
Combination of silicone oils that provides smoothness and dry (non-oily, nonshiny feel)
emuliency to face. While drying occurs, silicone shrinks, causing wrinklets to disappear
Tocopheryl Acetate Natural antioxidant
Silk Worm Lipids Natural lipids for even cell growth
Retinyl Palmitate Skin rejuvenator triggering the formation of smooth, normal epidermis
Lycopene Natural form of tretinoin with properties of Vitamins A & C rejuvenate skin
and boost production of collagen and elastin to reduce the signs of ageing
Ascorbyl Palmitate Active, very stable form of Vitamin C with natural antioxidant,
collagen protector and trigger for production of new collagen in the skin (rejuvenator)
Volume 100 ml
Order number CHR444

After removing the Remodeling Mask, complete the Silk treatment by gently massaging Silky Serum into the face with smooth, upwards strokes. Enjoy the immediate results of the Silk treatment together with your client!