Absolute Relaxer fortifies the natural cellular structure to restore resilience and elasticity to stressed skin. This innovative formula triggers the production of structural lipids throughout the skin with its rich blend of Hyaluronic acid which replenishes the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms. DNA- protecting peptides and powerful antioxidants prevent trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) and strengthen cellular immunity, restoring suppleness while rejuvenating and firming facial contours.

SKU: CHR756 Skin type: Sensitive skin
Volume: 30 ml Age: 20+
Category: Gels and serums , Anti-Aging , Immediate effect


Thermophil enzyme, hexapeptide-10, cucumber extract, squalane, wheat germ oil, maritime pine extract, gamma-aminobutyric acid, panthenol, dipeptide-4, extract of Hypericum perforatum, extract of aloe, tocopherol acetate, hyaluronic acid
Spread a thin layer on clean skin, in wrinkled areas, and massage until fully absorbed, twice a day.