Frangipani Concentrate is a milk rich in flavonoids and essential oils that immediately soothes irritated skin. This intense formula calms and ensures long term stability to stressed skin, while leaving it evenly toned and relaxed.

Selected actives:

  • Frangipani extract – detoxifies & relieves irritation
  • Lipigenine – boosts synthesis of essential fatty acids
  • Rosanic – soothes, reduces inflammation and redness
Volume 300 ml
Order number CHR780

Prepare a bowl with lukewarm or cold water. Add Frangipani Concentrate at a ratio of one glass of water to 10 ml (2 teaspoons) concentrate. Prepare a compress with a facial towel soaked in the frangipani solution & thoroughly wipe off the Probiotic Peel from the skin. Steam may be used. Continue with extractions if needed. Do not discard the remaining Frangipani liquid, it may be further used during the Unstress treatment.