Rejuvenate the sensitive area around your eyes and wake up looking and feeling great. While you sleep, this state-of-the-art formula maximizes the enhanced rejuvenating environment of resting skin. It features the powerful Idealift a "surgery-like" peptide that restores the architecture of elastic tissue and improves resistance to gravity. This new peptide combats the reduction in elasticity related to aging or to the cumulative daily aggressions, stimulates elastin synthesis and promotes correct and harmonium elastic fibre architecture.

The powerful skin rejuvenator, Lycopene, works with Melatonin to enhance the skin’s rest state, maximizing skin rejuvenation and increasing the lifecycle of healthy skin cells by a proven 50%. While you sleep, your skin rests and rejuvenates itself to restore the youthful skin vitality that time has taken away for a healthier, more youthful eye area.


  • Rejuvenates eye contour while you sleep
  • Lightens dark circles around eyes
  • Reduces puffiness around eyes
  • Enhances the skin’s rest state for optimal revitalization
  • Increases the lifecycle of healthy skin cells by 50%
  • Increases skin moisture for a softer, more youthful structure and appearance
SKU: CHR451 Skin type: Mature skin
Volume: 30 ml Age: 40+
Category: Creams , Night , Area around the eyes


Shea butter, squalane, acetyl dipeptide-1, avocado oil, thioctic acid, hydroxydecyl ubiquinone, Irish moss extract, hydrogenated phosphatidylcholine, melatonin, retinol, allantoin, tocopherol acetate
Remove eye makeup. With gentle patting action, apply a thin uniform layer of cream to eye contour nightly