This innovative, warming Age-defying Exfoliator micro-stimulates blood flow for enhanced correction directly at the cellular level for effective cell nourishment, purification from unwanted impurities and cellular oxygenation for optimal rejuvenation. Based on beta-hydroxyl acids for superb exfoliation, it also features a balanced combination of unique active ingredients including Ferulic and Phytic acids to enrich skin with age-defying antioxidants and skin lighteners. Also contains fig extracts for gentle peeling, Lipoic acid for rejuvenation and mint oil to cool skin and reduce irritation.


  • Nourishes and oxygenates cells
  • Exfoliates
  • Lightens and rejuvenates skin
  • Reduces irritation
Volume 250 ml
Order number CHR462

Apply a thin uniform layer avoiding eye area and gently massage into skin. Leave for 2-4 minutes depending on skin thickness and gently remove with water or a damp towel.

This is the appropriate time to conduct extractions if necessary. Disinfect extraction sites with additional Micelle Microemulsion Toner.

Follow with Step 3: Rejuvenating Serum.