Designed as the finale of the Wish in-salon treatment, this comprehensive Daydream Cream protects skin from and deflects the natural and environmental factors causing premature skin aging. This antioxidant blast designed with state-of-the-art ingredients increases the energy production of healthy cells to rejuvenate and protect maturing skin from the harshest daily elements. It features anti-aging Phytic Acid to lighten and smooth facial skin and Ferulic Acid to increase vitality and strength while rejuvenating maturing skin. Empowered with Idealift an innovative peptide that restores the architecture of elastic tissue improving resistance to gravity and with scientifically advanced long-lasting SPF 12, this day cream provides optimal skin rejuvenation and protection all day.
Smooth, healthy, protected skin... what more could you wish for?


  • Protects skin from and deflects natural and environmental factors
  • Protects skin from harsh UV rays
  • Increases the energy production of healthy cells
  • Rejuvenates, smoothes and lightens skin
  • Increases skin vitality
Volume 150 ml
Order number CHR468

Apply a thin uniform layer of cream to clean face and neck, on top of the Eye and Neck Lifting Serum. Massage until absorbed