Skin care for women over 40

Most women over 40 are fit and vital today. For her appearance to reflect that, her skin needs more care now. Because after the 40th birthday, lines slowly become wrinkles.

Firms and revitalizes skin

Do not worry, even at this age you can get a well-groomed youthful skin. However, discipline is announced. The day and night care should now be richer and contain cell renewing substances. Collagen production needs to be boosted again, as it smoothes wrinkles. These ingredients should also be included with a firming eye cream. Indispensable to the day cream are UVA / UVB filters (SPF12 and more) that protect against premature photoaging. Christina Cosmetics offers skin care from the age of 40 onwards, in which the products are coordinated so that they can develop an optimally firming and smoothing effect.

Regular masks can provide additional moisture. Peelings help in two ways at the same time: They prevent skin blemishes by removing dead skin cells and they stimulate the regeneration of the skin.