Treatment for distressed skin - We make your skin fit for stress

Our skin shows emotions, it is the mirror of our soul. But the daily stress literally "gets under your skin" and makes you age faster. Excitement and anger weaken the antibacterial shield of the top layer of skin. It does not matter to the skin if the stress is psychological or causes environmental pollution.

Firms and rejuvenates skin

Daily stress, unbalanced diet, changing climatic conditions, medications ... These, as well as many other harmful factors, affect our health sustainably. Also on our skin, these environmental influences are not without trace. Our skin is the mirror of our soul. It does not matter to the skin whether the stress is mental or caused by environmental pollution. She is our biggest organ. Repels bacteria, regulates skin temperature. Absorbs UV radiation and much more. Tension, itching and redness are the signs that the skin needs help. With Unstress products we offer you quick help with skin irritations. Selected ingredients make it possible to prevent, control, reduce and treat stress-induced skin damage. 

Unstress products soothe the sensitive skin.